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1.-Mark Stephenson, DDS-Colonnade Dental


The company [Colonnade Dental] located at [8511 Colonnade Center Dr, Suite 160, Raleigh, NC 27615] and identified by number [TIN# 81-1800393] has organized this giveaway (hereinafter, “the Promotion”) of national scope, which will take place on the internet, exclusively for residents of [Raleigh, Durham area and/or surrounding areas within reasonable driving distance] in accordance with the provisions in the participation requirements section.

The purpose of this Giveaway is [Celebration of more than 350 New Smiles].



The Promotion will start on [October 1st, 2019 at 12:00 pm] and end on [December 12th, 2019 at 12:00 pm].



The requirements for participation will be as follows:


Only those who reside in [Raleigh, Durham area and/or surrounding areas within reasonable driving distance] and are aged [18 years] and over may participate.

Only users with an Instagram account may participate.

Participants must Follow us @colonnadedentalfamily and comment on the brand’s Instagram post and (while tagging [3 friends].

Bonus ENTRY- **Like, Comment (I need Braces), and Share-via our face book page**

Participants may only take part in the Promotion from a single Instagram profile. If a participant is found to be taking part from several Instagram accounts, they will be disqualified.

Even if Participants make more than one comment on the post, they will only be given a single participation in the random giveaway [Exception -participates in the Bonus Entry on facebook].

The application will accumulate mentions and hashtags from a single Participant even if they are in different comments.

Participant must be new to Colonnade Dental - [patients of record are not eligible].

Participant must meet the criteria for Braces - after Initial Consultation & X-Rays if Dr. Stephenson has determined the patient is not eligible and/or chooses not to move forward with treatment, we will choose a second person to receive the giveaway via the random picker tool and notify them on Instagram.

Participant must provide a valid NC ID with current address for documentation.


Criteria to be a candidate for $2999.00 Braces Package:


  1. Patient must consent to photographs and panoramic X-ray for Initial Consultation.

  2. Patient must be current with oral hygiene health or oral hygiene appointment must be completed before brackets can be placed.

  3. Patient must present with healthy gum tissue, if periodontal disease is diagnosed patient will not be eligible.

  4. Patient must not be in active orthodontic treatment at the present time.

  5. Patient must be complaint. Non-Compliance may result in the brackets removal before the treatment is completed.

 Compliance is as follows:         

    1. Consistent braces maintenance appointments as recommended.

    2. Failed or cancelled appointments with less than 24-hour notice will be subject to a fee: per our office  policies.

    3. Regular oral hygiene appointments at 4- or 6-month intervals as recommended.  Optimal oral health  is essential in achieving the expected results. Dr. Stephenson will evaluate the patient's oral health at each braces maintenance appointment, if the dentist determines poor hygiene in correlation with the braces is now becoming an issue that will be detrimental to the teeth if allowed to continue.

    4. Dr. Stephenson reserves the right to remove the brackets before treatment is completed at any point during treatment at his discretion.

    5. At the Initial Consultation with panoramic x-ray – Dr. Stephenson will determine patient’s eligibility for braces. If Dr. Stephenson determines patient is not eligible for the Christmas Smile Giveaway braces package valued at $2999.00 and/or the patient is ineligible due to complex orthodontic issues such as: severe crowding and/or misalignment – at that visit the patient will be informed and given a treatment plan in accordance with our office policies and procedures regarding   Consultation appointments treatment plan guidelines.


The winner will be chosen at random via the Random Picker platform. The winner will be announced on [Thursday, December 12th, 2019] through the brand’s social media profiles, together with the Certificate of Validity of the giveaway. The prize will consist of:


One Complete Braces Package valued at $2999.00

$2999.00 Braces Package Includes:

            * Initial Consultation includes any necessary x-rays specific to the

               $2999.00 package - Complete Braces Treatment.

            * Upper & Lower Roth Brackets (metal).

            * All office visits related to braces Phase I, II, ortho maintenance,

               and Final visit to remove the brackets.

            * One set of removable retainers for retention. We do not keep

               the impression molds, if any of the following replacement retainer

               issues apply to you, please call our office and schedule an

               appointment for a new impression. it will take at minimum

               one-two days to make the retainer/s and a second

               appointment is required for retainer/s delivery.

            * Retainer is lost, thrown away, the dog/cat chews it up, or you

               grind it in half, a $100.00 fee per Arch applies to replace each

               one. Upper and Lower Retainers Total Fee = $200.00

The prize may not be exchanged for cash or any other prize, nor may it be changed or altered in any way. Running of the giveaway, as well as awarding of the prize, are subject to current tax regulations. 



If it becomes evident that any of the Participants have not met the requirements of the Terms and Conditions, or that the data provided for participation is not valid, the participation is considered null and void and the Participant will automatically be excluded from the Promotion, losing all rights to the prize(s) on offer in the Promotion.



No comments or opinions whose content is considered inappropriate, offensive, insulting or discriminatory, or that could violate the rights of third parties, will be allowed. Nor will comments be permitted against any individual that are an infringement of personal honor, personal and family privacy, or personal image rights. We will not be responsible for any damages caused by comments made by Promotion Participants, or that may at any time offend the sensitivities of other Participants. Participation in this Promotion, as well as the publication of comments made by Participants in their posts, may not under any circumstances infringe the Instagram Community Guidelines or the Instagram Terms of Use.



By way of example, but not limitation, we are not responsible for any losses, theft, delays or any other circumstances attributable to third parties that may affect the progress of this Promotion; nor are we responsible for the use made by the Participant of the prize obtained in the Promotion. We do not assume responsibility in cases of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstance that may prevent us from carrying out the Promotion or the total or partial enjoyment of the prize.



In accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, by accepting these Terms and Conditions, each Participant consents to having their personal data included in a file, owned by the Promotion Organizer, for the purpose of managing the giveaway, disseminating and publicizing the results, and administering the awarding of the prize.

We inform you that you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion, opposition, limitation of processing, portability, and right to be forgotten, as well as your right to not be the subject of automated individual decisions, by sending an email to [] or a letter

to: [Colonnade Dental, 8511 Colonnade Dental Ctr, Suite 160, Raleigh, NC 27615], attaching, in both cases, a copy of your ID document.



We reserve the right to modify or expand these Terms and Conditions, as long as they do not harm or impair the rights of Promotion Participants. By participating in the giveaway, the Participant is, by implication, fully accepting the conditions of these Terms and Conditions. Likewise, participation in a giveaway of this nature implies acceptance of the rules of Instagram, the social network in which the giveaway is to be carried out.



These Terms and Conditions shall be governed in accordance with the laws of [United States]. The Courts and Tribunals of the city of residence of the Participants will be competent to resolve any claim or controversy that may arise in relation to the validity, interpretation or fulfillment of these Terms and Conditions.