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Our Motto:


At Colonnade Dental we are proud to say we believe that the art of smiling, having beautiful straight teeth, or a mouth full of teeth for eating and function is an alienable right -the exorbitant fees of these procedures make dentistry unaffordable. Smiling is not just for the wealthy. Therefore, we have pledged to do our part to ensure these services are affordable to all!


Dr. Stephenson is a general dentist. He earned his under-graduate in Chemistry and his Doctor of Dental Surgery at the UNC School of Dentistry graduating in 1985. Dr. Stephenson is a local native of North Carolina, he grew up in Fayetteville and graduated from Terry Sanford High School. He is a member of the ADA, as well as the Wake County Dental Association. He is certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support through the American Heart Association.

Dr. Stephenson offers a wide range of family dentistry services with a special interest in providing affordable services such as braces, implants, crowns, implant retained partials and dentures.

We are proud of our dental family atmosphere and strive to offer the best patient experience possible. Read about some our  dental family members experiences and judge for yourself!


Our affordable fees for the following services

     Effective TODAY!!

$799 Same Day Crowns…  CEREC Designed

$1999 Implant -Start to Finish

Includes: Implant(screw), Abutment (attached to screw), and Final Crown (attached to abutment)

$2999 Roth Brackets (Metal Braces)

$249 Colonnade Dental Membership Plan